Skateboard vs Surfskate

Skateboard vs Surfskate

A skateboard is typically shorter and narrower than a surf skate, with a flat or slightly concave deck and small, hard wheels. Skateboards are designed primarily for smooth surfaces such as skateparks, ramps, and streets and for tricks and stunts such as ollies, kickflips, and grinds.

In contrast, a surf skate is longer and wider than a skateboard, with a curved, rocker-shaped deck and larger, softer wheels. The trucks on a surf skate are often looser and more responsive than those on a skateboard, allowing the rider to perform smooth, flowing turns that mimic the feeling of surfing on a wave. Surfskates are designed for use on all surfaces, including pavement, and are used to practice surf-style maneuvers such as carving, pumping, and cutbacks.

Skateboarding and surf skating requires skill, balance, and coordination and offer a fun and challenging way to stay active and engaged with the outdoors. Whether you prefer the technical challenge of skateboarding or the surf-inspired style of surf skating, both sports provide an exciting way to express yourself and explore your creativity.

Skateboard VS Surfskate/ A Quick Overview

By taking an overview of both boards, it’d be easier to find out the difference in one take. Let’s start there!


A skateboard is a mini vehicle for a famous active sport, skateboarding. Skaters can move by pumping their legs in features such as a bowl or half pipe or pushing with one foot while the other balances on the board.

Alternatively, you can stand on the skateboard deck while inclined downward, letting gravity move the board and rider. In most cases, they have maple plywood decks with 7-8 plies that have been specially created, with polyurethane wheels mounted on two skating trucks.


The surf skate is a skateboard used for street skating. Recent pandemics have increased its popularity in Singapore and elsewhere.

Using unique trucks, surf skates can mimic the movements, sensations, and flow of surfing. Surfskates were first created by surfers looking for something to do on flat days. As time has progressed, surf skating has become one of the most popular hobbies among skaters and surfers.

Whether you like to skate or surf, surf skate gives you that same feeling of gliding down the wave and slicing it. Surfskates are designed for students and people who enjoy just getting around without doing tricks.

What’s the difference between skateboarding and surf skate?

So, now comes the question: what are the differences between a skateboard and a surfskate? They differ in many ways. So you can get a clue easily, I will outline them one by one. 

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Which one is faster?

When it comes to the speed of a surfskate and a skateboard, there isn’t any difference between them. 

Because the speed of a skateboard and a surfskate is determined by the rider’s skill, Surfskaters have reached speeds of up to 13 kilometers per hour. Not just that, there are a number of riders that went over that speed, like 14 kph to 15 kph.

Similarly, there is a rider called Connolly from the UK who went from 146.73 kph to 91 kph. 13 is insane. So, it doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. Both boards are designed nearly the same way. Because there is no motor in them, their speed depends entirely on your energy and foot power. 

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Which one is safer?

No matter what skateboarding you do, safety comes first. So, what about the safety of a surfskate and a skateboard? Which one is safer? When it comes to skateboards they’re safe but more challenging to use. Hence, the chances of getting into accidents are way higher.

Surfskates, on the other hand, are designed to be used by normal riders who have nothing to do with trucks and all. All they want is to get from their place to another place. Surfboards are thus safer than skateboards. 

Skateboard VS surfskate, which one can go downhill?

Going downhill is fun in itself. Therefore, most of the riders ask, “Can a skateboard or a surfskate go downhill?” Well, when it comes to surfskate, they can easily and safely take you downhill without you losing control of the skate. 

What about skateboarding? The answer is yes; even a skateboard can go downhill. A downhill skateboarder may travel quite quickly. 

Skateboards usually travel between 25 and 30 miles per hour when going downhill.

A skateboard used for downhill travel reached 91.17 mph at its top speed. Please stay focused on the track and control your emotions. 

You should also follow the below-mentioned tips when driving downhill in either vehicle.

Tips To Go Down Safely on a Surfskate and Skateboard

  • Surfskate Downhill safely by carving, not bombing.
  • Use Deep Knee Bends to Surfskate Downhill
  • Before riding your skateboard on the hill, try walking on it first. During the descent, you’ll better understand how you’ll control yourself. It’s a must to do that!
  • The width of the skating surface determines how steep of an incline you can surfskate downward. You may safely surfskate down steeper hills if the lane is broader. The path becomes more hazardous the narrower it is.
  • Stay safe when you surf skate downhill by wearing protective gear. Taking care of yourself is crucial because you never know what’s written in your destiny. Wearing protective gear will make it less dangerous for you if you fall from the vehicle.

Which one is more beginner friendly?

Which one, surfskates or skateboard, is better for beginners? The answer is a surf skate. Yes, you heard that right. A slide sucker rides low enough for surf commutes is stable and safe for beginners and is easy to carve.

Slide surf skates are suitable for older riders as well as for beginners. They are especially popular with female riders who like a “surfer” experience more than a typical longboard. Aren’t skateboards good for beginners?

They are, but they can be hard to use. Surf skates are thought to be more beginner-friendly.

But what if you want to be an expert skateboarder? Then still, you can go with surfskates, as there are some surfskates that are exactly the same as a skateboard. Carver CX skates and Slide skates are two examples. 

Compared with other surfskates, they feel more like skateboards. Compared to other surfskates that work best for small-area, pure surf training, the Carver CX and Slide surfskates excel at longer-distance street cruising.

The wheels of these vehicles are better able to handle a wide variety of terrain when they are pumped, so they move forward more quickly.

Surfskate Vs Skateboard, which one can break easily?

Both of the skateboards can break easily. A surfer who performs advanced tricks may land on top of their surfboard and smash it with their foot. The same goes for skateboards; if you do difficult tricks on them, you can easily break them. 

Also, most of the riders ride skateboards on the road, so the chances of breaking them easily increase.

Is It possible to do tricks on a skateboard and Surfskate?

It’s easy to do tricks on skateboards, as this is what they’re designed for. However, it won’t be easy to do tricks on surfskates, as this differs from what they’re designed for. But, still, you can do some bait on them, but don’t go too big.

What type of Injuries Can You Get On A Surfskate And A skateboard?

Injuries caused by a skateboard include head and neck injuries, as well as injuries to the arms, legs, hands, and feet, and blunt force trauma from car accidents.

How about surfskates? Cuts, bruises, concussions, shoulder aches, back pain, and fractures are the most common surfing injuries. The lower extremities (foot, ankle, and knee) are most frequently injured (40%), followed by the head and neck (37%).

You now know all the differences between a skateboard and a surfskate. It’s my turn now to answer some of your frequently asked questions.


With a skateboard surf adaptor, you can ride your existing skateboard, longboard, or cruiser much like a surfboard on a wave. The addition of this accessory converts a standard skateboard or longboard into a surfskate.

Which is easier To use, a skateboard or a surfskate?

Since surfskates are designed to be used only on streets for daily routine travel, they’re easier to use than a skateboard.

Is a surf skate Good for beginners?

Travel, cruising, and surfing are all possible with them! Thus, they are ideal for new riders who want to experiment with different riding techniques. A surf skate is perfect if you’re a beginner rider seeking a stable board, easy to maneuver, and adaptable board.

Final Words!

What’s the difference between a skateboard and a surf skate? Now, you’ve got the answer to your question. Still, if you want my help regarding this topic, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to help you out.

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