Types of longboards

Types of longboards

People usually question which one is suitable for a beginner: a longboard or a shortboard. A longboard is a better option because of its large deck and bigger wheels, allowing the stoner to have proper balance while riding. Due to the different types of longboards in the market, it becomes tough to choose the right one.

Skating is a well-known sport and fun activity which is popular among the masses regardless of age and gender. To play it, one needs a skateboard that can be categorized into longboard and shortboard. Additionally, these two types of skateboards have multiple subcategories.

Grabbing the right longboard means you have accomplished the half roadmap as it is a hectic task to pick up the appropriate one. Based on size and shape, we can classify longboards into seven significant types. If you want to get a suitable longboard, then you should know all these longboards. 

What is a longboard?

A longboard is a slight modification of a traditional skateboard because it performs the same way. On the other hand, longboard’s length, width, and elasticity are more than a skateboard, enabling the newbie to get a perfect balance over it. Moreover, the thicker deck infers that you will be able to maintain your center of gravity and enjoy skating to the maximum.

Different Types of Longboards: A detailed guide

There are many different types of longboards, each with its own unique purpose and style. Here is a breakdown of the most popular types of longboards, so you can find the perfect one for your riding needs.

Cruiser Longboards

Cruiser is the least demanded longboard because it does not offer fast speed and is also not good at performing tricks. But if you are a newbie looking for a calm and pleasant skateboard, you should get a cruiser longboard. When buying it, make sure that you pick up a 40″ size because it is universal.

Cruiser Longboards

The shape of these longboards is oval with a super flat deck which is perfect for rolling around in relaxed locales. Moreover, commuter cursing, long-travel cruising, boardwalk cruising, and a few others are its subcategories. Interestingly, the decks of these longboards sit on their trucks because they are top-mounted.

Craving Longboards

Craving longboards are not different from cruiser longboards but are their refined form. Most importantly, the craving for longboards is the same as for snowboarding and skiing boards. Craving is a delightful movie, and many pro-riders love to perform it.

Craving Longboards

Moreover, the wheels of craving longboards are softer, and trucks are competitively looser than cruiser longboards allowing smooth turns effortlessly. Aside from this, all craving longboards let you cruise and vice versa, which is remarkable. Another difference between the two is the wheels are directed outward in craving longboards.

Freeride Longboards

Freeride longboards are fun to ride as you can also do cruising and carving utilizing them but with less control and responsiveness. Moreover, if you want to ride at more speed, then it will deliver a faster riding experience than both cruisers and carving longboards. The best part is these longboards come in all styles and shapes.

Freeride Longboards

The wheels of these longboards are outside the board, which is why it gives such a fast riding speed. Many free-riders wear gloves to maintain balance while sliding by dragging their hands on the surface. If you have made up your mind about freeriding over freeriding longboards, then do not forget to wear pads and helmets for your safety.

Freestyle Longboard

There is a lot of confusion among the masses between freestyle and freeride longboards, but there is a genuine reason behind it. You can mix them up, but the expert skating enthusiast knows the difference between the two. With freestyle longboarding, you can perform cruising, downhill longboarding, growing, and many more longboard styles.

Freeride Longboards

The appearance of freestyle longboards is also identical to freeride longboards, but they are more versatile. Moreover, the decks of these longboards are not rigid, and their wheels can cover the distance on more complex surfaces. Besides that, the nose is pointed outside, and the tail is like that of a street skateboard.

Push Longboard

Push longboard is a unique longboard breed that is really good for a newbie due to its slow speed. A beginner will learn the basics of skating, like how to ride a skateboard and how to turn a skateboard. Moreover, if you try to perform downhill longboarding and cruise over it, its deck will automatically hit the ground.

You can not perform any stunts over it, making it useless for those who want to display their eye-catchy longboarding skills. However, its slow speed lets you ride for a long without pushing it too much. Therefore, you can use it for traveling and commuting purposes because it requires less effort by covering the maximum distance.

Downhill longboards

Downhill longboards are the most technically perfect longboards because they are meant for serious stunts such as downhill longboarding. It is another name for speed and agility. You can hit 50 to 65 miles per hour speed easily during downhill longboarding if you are utilizing a good quality downhill longboard.

Some skillful skateboarders can even touch the mesmerizing speed of around 80 to 90 miles per hour. To attain this speed when performing downhill longboarding requires great command of basics and practice of complex tricks. Nobody should try downhill longboarding unless they have experience riding boards on flat surfaces.

Dance longboards

Are you interested in grooving on a longboard? If yes, then a standard longboard will not be sufficient to perform it. You need to buy a dance longboard that is more significant in size than a cruiser, freeride, or downhill longboard. Rodney Muller first introduced it to accomplish free riding, downhill skating, and sharp turning effortlessly.

The ample space provides the rider with enough space so that they can dance over it. Other than that, for shuvits and manuals, these cool longboards have a kick tail and nose. In addition, the deck of these longboards is mainly flat, allowing the rider to maintain their center of gravity when performing groves over the board while skating.

Longboard Drop Through

Drop-through longboards are almost identical to regular longboards, but they have cutouts on the edges, making them a trendy choice. Moreover, the trucks are integrated perfectly into these longboards due to the cutout. The nose and tail of drop-through longboards are in the same round shape.

Due to these unique and intelligent longboard shapes, it is mainly used for cruising at lightning-fast speed. Apart from that, it offers a shallow platform enabling the rider to maintain balance when performing captivating tricks. But drop-through longboards are not appropriate for novice riders because they provide a minimal center of gravity.

Electric Longboard

Electric longboards are cool longboards with an integrated battery helping the rider move and control their longboard electronically. From a newbie’s point of view, it is extremely easy to ride an electric longboard because it does not demand riders push it. Moreover, these longboards have Bluetooth control and are made up of bamboo.

While picking up an electric longboard, you must focus on key factors like battery life, motor, decks, and truck quality. Usually, the recharging of its battery takes around 3 to 5 hours. Further, you will ride for 35 to 70 miles with a 100 percent recharged battery, depending on its quality and surface for riding.

Which type of longboard is easiest to ride?

A longboard that is easy to ride will depend on the individual rider’s skill level and preference. Some longboards may be easier to ride for beginners, while others may be more suitable for advanced riders. Here are a few general factors to consider when choosing a longboard that is easy to ride:

Deck shape: Longboards with a flat or mildly concave deck may be easier to balance on than those with a more pronounced concave shape.

Deck length: Longer longboards tend to be more stable and easier to ride, while shorter ones may be more agile and maneuverable.

Deck width: A wider deck may provide more space for your feet, making it easier to balance.

Truck and wheel size: Softer wheels and looser trucks may provide a smoother ride and be easier to turn, while harder wheels and tighter trucks may be more responsive and better for high-speed riding.

Ultimately, the best longboard for you will depend on your personal riding style and preferences. It may be helpful to try out a few different models to see what feels most comfortable and easy to ride.


What size longboard should I get?

It depends on what I want to do with a longboard. Moreover, if your height is under 5’10”, then you need a 32″ to 40″ longboard for cruising, whereas, for downhill riding, you need a 40″+ longboard. But if your height is above 5’10”, then a 40″+ longboard is ideal for cruising. In contrast, you need a 42″+ longboard for down-the-hill riding.

What are the good longboard brands?

There are several longboard brands with good market share and variety in their products. But there are six top-tier longboard companies based on popularity and ordeal. These are.

  • Earthwing
  • Atom longboards
  • Loaded
  • Yocaher
  • Landyachtz
  • Sector 9

Does longboarding burn calories?

Longboarding is not only recreational activity but equally good if you want to shed some fat. With longboard riding, you can burn seven calories per minute. In an hour, you can burn more than 400 calories while enjoying, which is much more than what you can burn with a one-hour walk.

Final Words

We hope that after reading this article thoroughly, you are now in this position to pick up the suitable one from all types of longboards. These longboards are slightly different in size and shape, compelling them to accomplish a particular task perfectly.  We suggest you go for a regular longboard at the start because it will be easy to control and ride as a beginner.

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