How much does a skateboard cost

How much does a skateboard cost?

Choosing a skateboard might be challenging, mainly in terms of price. In my experience, new skateboarders or those who want to improve their skills consider their budget first. How much does a skateboard cost? Is chasing a more expensive skateboard worth it?
Determining a budget is challenging. But don’t be concerned! If you are taking forward your hobby of skateboarding, there are different aspects to consider.

Firstly, consider how frequently you are going skateboarding. Secondly, consider the skateboard that enchants you the most! Ultimately, put together high-quality specifications that fit your overall budget.
Are you still needing help? Worry not, as we’ll go through the cost of components of a skateboard and how much a skateboard costs. So, you don’t overspend on skateboards! Let’s get started:

Rundown on the cost of skateboards

Suppose you still determine how much a skateboard costs; you aren’t the only one! This is a highly disputed question, as there are so many available skateboards found. 

How much Does Actually Costs

A standard Skateboard ranges in cost from $80 to $100. If you are looking for a skateboard that allows you to perform numerous stunts and cruise around, you’ll have to pay a little higher. A good quality skateboard costs around $170 to $200. On the other hand, Electric skateboards seem to be more expensive than standard skateboards. Specifically, electric skateboards come around the price range of $200 to $1000. 

Selecting the Skateboard is the very first step. The other expenses sometimes need to be taken into consideration. However, they can be determined based on your style of skateboarding. How much a skateboard costs are directly related to the brand, quality, and type. Also, the durability of used materials determines the price of skateboards.

Skateboard types

Your intended usage and skating style should determine the type of skateboard. This will impact your money position as well. Below are the seven primary types of skateboards and their prices.

Skateboards for beginners

These types of skateboards are perfect for beginners seeking to experience the excitement of skating without breaking the bank. These beginner skateboards are not the nicest, but they’ll work for beginner and intermediate skaters—skateboards of medium quality cost between $40 and $70.

Skateboards with a classic look

These types of skateboards are all-rounder. These skateboards complement a variety of skating techniques. They are also selected depending on their skills. But they are not suitable for cruising. Classic Skateboards can cost anywhere from $60 to $400.

Skateboard for streets

These compact skateboards are intended for skaters loving to perform flips, grinding, and spins. They are built with Popsicle-shaped boards having stick-shaped decks. Also, these decks have little wheels for convenient skating. You’ve undoubtedly noticed one of these on the streets or billboards—skateboards for the street range in price from $70 to $200.

Skateboard with a blank look

A blank skateboard is suitable for pros and comes on a reasonable budget. They are essential and enable skating without worry. Most of these boards are plain colors with no unique details or decorations. The price of a blank skateboard varies from $50 to $110.

Skateboards for professionals

Professionals see these skateboards in contests performing various stunts. You can start skating with these skateboards as they offer a strong deck. Skateboards for professionals cost between $100 and $250.

Longboard Skateboards

Longboards are best for extended cruising and provide the speed necessary for downhill skating. Such skateboards are suitable for those improving their skating. They have a sturdy deck for learners to feel confident on. However, they have low capabilities, so you can not use your techniques. Longboard skateboards range in price from $60 to $500.

Skateboards for kids

These skateboards are designed with children in mind, as the names indicate. They are less expensive and include protective measures for skating. Skateboards for kids vary in cost from $20 to $45. 

Part of skateboards and their cost

A good quality skateboard will cost you at least $170. However, other boards are slightly cheaper. Decks, wheels, trucks, and bearings vary in price based on the maker and supplies used. There are numerous viable alternatives to explore. As well as critical parameters to contemplate before going for a skateboard. 

Skateboard Decks cost

A deck costs around $50 in general. It’s different from all decks that are evenly designed. So choose one from a reputable woodworking shop or manufacturer. There are blank decks, which are less expensive than illustrated decks. Some decks cost up to $200. The decks can come in various categories few of them are:

Branded decks

These decks are costly decks ranging from $50 to $65. The deck’s quality varies on brand and where they’re made. Acquiring a branded deck likewise contributes to the industry’s improvement in producing new equipment. Compared to retail and blank decks, higher-priced decks always have a fine structure. For stunts such as these, decks are built more concave.

Blank decks

Blank decks are ideal for beginning to skate as they have a more flexible and generalized design. These decks cost around $35 to $40. This option could be feasible if you commonly break decks, as it costs half as much as a branded deck.

Shop deck

Choosing a deck from the shop is a fantastic way to help locals. A design is developed, woodworking shop then does the creation. Afterward, these decks are returned to the shop. I would be willing to spend roughly $40 for a deck.

Including the component and style, you must ponder the board’s thickness, size, and how the individual pieces are linked to create the deck—the pricing changes due to such characteristics.

Skateboard truck cost

Trucks must be properly picked up for the skateboard. Trucks with lower performance and strength can be obtained for roughly $25. A good pair of trucks will get you somewhere roughly $40. These trucks last for a long time. On the other hand, superfine trucks might add up to $75 or $80.

Skateboard wheels cost

The wheels are likely the most challenging component to get. Several value variations take time to keep track of. The price typically begins at $20 and goes up to $50. Mini Logo’s street skateboard wheels usually come in the price range of $20. At the same time, Spitfires can price around $40.

Skateboard grip tape cost

Grip Tapes usually are used to help you grip your skateboard better. Also, this help makes your skateboard incredible and attractive. Numerous grip tapes are available with various design ideas printed on them. A grip tape may cost you anywhere between $5 and $15. Also, you can get quality grip tape for around $10. A roll is generally an excellent investment for changing the grip tape frequently. A single grip tape sheet can cost between $6 and $20.

Skateboard bearing cost

The gliding of your skateboard’s wheel on the axle is due to the bearings. You can get bearings for your skateboard for approximately $20. Ceramic bearings are ideal for fast skating. However, these will cost you about $200. Bronson G2s or standard Bones Reds are appropriate and range under $15.

Skateboard tools cost

Skate equipment is optional, but getting these can be helpful. Quality skate tools are excellent for changing pieces of your skateboard quickly. Skate tools cost between $6 to $30.

Your own designed skateboard

A skateboard you’ll create on your own will be far less costly than one from retail. But how? The expense of making a board is impacted by the materials’ quality and the site of creation. As the skateboard is supplied to the retailer, the prices keep changing and increasing.

If it costs around $30 to make, you’ll eventually be spending $50 to $75 on that skateboard. These figures are aimed to offer you an indication of how much skateboard costs rise as you move down the chain of distribution.

So, if you make your skateboard, how much does a good skateboard cost?

According to the grade of resources you pick, it will cost around $75 to $150.

The price of materials will increase the overall development costs. Here’s a rough idea of the number of individual skateboard aspects:

  • Decks cost approximately $30 and $ 90
  •  Trucks prices are around $30 to $50
  •  Wheels range from about $30
  •  Grip tape varies from about $10
  •  Bearing ranges from about $10 to $100
  •  Protective gear will cost about $200; this includes knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.


The far more challenging aspect of skateboarding may be finding the perfect skateboard within an affordable price range. Several high-quality skateboards are accessible for under $300. 

Make sure you spend some time researching and deciding what type of skateboard you want to design. This article will help you select a skateboard that is ideal for you. If you’ve read this but are still deciding how much a skateboard costs you, please let us know. We will love to help you further!

Frequently asked questions

Why are Electric boards more expensive than regular boards?

The reason here is primarily due to the battery cells utilized to manufacture electric skateboards. Moreover, other costly components, such as the motor, trucks, deck, and wheels, are distinctive from being used primarily on regular skateboards. This raises the price of e-skateboards above that of regular skateboards.

Is the hardware used for skateboards expensive?

The nuts and bolts are inexpensive, costing around $2 and $6. Ensure they have plastic hooks, so it doesn’t come undone when skating.

How much does a skate shoe cost?

Skate shoes are essential for skateboarding! They are made to withstand the stunts they are subjected to. The average price of a set is $60. You can also get cheap shoes, sometimes on clearance, around $35-$40.

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