Benefits of Skateboarding

Benefits of Skateboarding: Improve Your Health and Wellness

Want to look cool, stay fit, and have a social life? Well, skateboarding has got you covered in all aspects. Also, did you know that skateboarding has various physical and mental health benefits? That’s right, there are various benefits of skateboarding. Interested to know how safe it is and the various benefits of skateboarding? Let us get into it then.

Is skateboarding safe?

Yes, skateboarding is extremely safe. According to the USC Pullias Center, skating improves your mental health, improves the community, and encourages diversity. Furthermore, it is stated by a sports injury study that Skateboarding was responsible for only 399 of the 20,000 injuries recorded out of over 200,000 participants. This shows that skateboarding is relatively safer than any other sport, like basketball or volleyball.

does Skateboarding help you lose Weight?

Yes, skateboarding can help you lose weight. It’s an aerobic activity that increases heart rate, burns calories, and engages various muscle groups. Regular skateboarding sessions can contribute to weight loss when combined with a balanced diet and other healthy habits.

Health Benefits of Skateboarding

Every sport has its place in health improvement; here are the health benefits of regular skateboarding.

Health benefits of skateboarding

Body coordination

While skateboarding, you have to move your whole body movements, including movement of the eyes, legs, and feet. These consistent movements improve body coordination and agility.

Patience and pain endurance

Skateboarding has various tricks and stunts; pulling them off perfectly requires practice. During practice, you may fall, which helps build pain endurance and makes you more resilient.

Improving reflexes of the body

Along with building your body coordination, skateboarding requires you to use your reflexes. It also improves your reflexes and develops quick thinking in your brain.

Social benefits of skateboarding

Skateboarding is an inexpensive sport, so anyone and everyone can play it. Here are some social life benefits of skateboarding.

Building social life

Usually, skateboarding tracks are in a social area; therefore, you can be more social by interacting with people there. Also, this will help make your personality social and friendly. Skateboarding may not be a group sport. However, it is still social, which makes it suitable for everyone.

Inculcating courage

Skateboarding helps in growing self-confidence and bravery in your head. Making amazing stunts and overcoming fears during skateboarding helps build a healthy and tough mindset in real life.

Social benefits of skateboarding


As skateboarding requires coordination and improves it, it also helps you multitask. If you can skateboard, you can also do other multitasking sports like swimming and ice skating. 

Accepting failure

In skateboarding, falling is inevitable. Therefore, you get used to falling and getting back up again. You get self-learning, which helps build your mind and not get discouraged by falls and failures. Also, skateboarding encourages you to take risks but in a calculated manner; this, when applied in real life, gives various solutions to social problems.

Prevents youth crime

 Skateboarding helps youth participate in cool activities instead of drugs and other vices. Skateboarding is a positive sport that can make your children and kids stay close to you and make sensible friends. Indulging in skateboarding will make your kids avoid any criminal activity.

Fitness benefits of skateboarding

How effective is skateboarding when it comes to physical health? Well, it’s plenty useful when it comes to physical fitness. It is stated by Harvard Medical School that in one-hour skateboarding activity, people weighing 125, 155, and 185 pounds burn 300, 372, and 444 calories, respectively. Its various other fitness benefits are given under:

Builds skills for other sports

Skateboarding players can easily master other sports like surfing, ice surfing, ice skating, and swimming. Just by having skateboarding skills, you can get benefits in other sports too.

Burns calories

Skateboarding for one hour burns about 100 to 400 calories. It demands energy, so you must flip, jump, and go forward. This helps break a sweat and keep your cholesterol level moderate while burning calories.


Skateboarding is impossible if you have stiff ankles and bodies. During the practice of skateboarding, your body gradually gets flexible. Flexibility is a great ability and helps relieve body pain as well.

Physical tolerance

Once you start skateboarding, you can not stop; you spend hours without reeling how much time has passed. While skateboarding for long hours, your body builds up physical endurance, which helps you stay fit.

Full body workout

You must use your arms, feet, legs, back, and shoulders, while skateboarding provides a full-body workout. It can help make your body stay fit and feel like cardio. Skateboarding helps in losing weight as well!


While burning calories and making you lose weight, Skateboarding also builds muscle. Calves muscles are especially toned by skateboarding. While doing tricks like ollie, grabs, slides, and grinds, it helps your body get strong and build muscle.

Final words

All you need for skateboarding is a skateboard and a helmet. Also, this minimal sportswear saves money, so anyone can try skateboarding for fun and benefits. Skateboarding is a great activity to release tension and stress in leisure moments. 

That was all! We hope you take on skateboarding as it has various benefits and aims to give both physical and mental benefits!


Does skateboarding help in improving mental health?

Yes, skateboarding helps in improving overall brain functions.

What happens to your body when you skateboard?

Skateboarding helps develop key muscles like hamstrings, glutes, quads, lower back, and abs. It changes your body in a good way.

Can I get abs by skateboarding regularly?

Skateboarding does strengthen the core; however, to see visible abs results you need to do it regularly for a long time.

Am I prone to injury if I do skateboarding?

In every sport, there is a chance of falling and getting injured. There are no serious injuries if you skateboard while wearing helmets and safety gear.

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