How To Push On A Skateboard 

 How To Push On A Skateboard 

How To Push On A Skateboard: If you are a beginner and want to ride a skateboard but don’t know any technique for riding a skateboard. Well! It’s not as difficult as you think. In this article, we covered all the tactics of pushing a skateboard. Pushing the skateboard is a simple technique that can help you ride freely and speedily. Well, the basic techniques for riding a skateboard include 

  • Foot adjustment 
  • Pushing the skateboard 
  • Turning the skateboard 
  • Move the skateboard 
  • Stop the skateboard 

Pushing on a skateboard 

Pushing is the first and foremost common technique you must learn to become an expert in the game. Pushing is a simple technique in which you hop on the board and push it in your desired direction. The pushing of the skateboard is also called Mongo.   It is a pretty straightforward method with some steps. Let’s check how to push on a skateboard without wasting any time. 

How to push on a skateboard for Beginners

To know correctly about pushing the skateboard, you must first learn to adjust the feet on the skateboard’s deck. Let’s move toward the steps involved in pushing the skateboard. 

 Adjust the feet’ position 

The first thing to do is to adjust your feet on the skateboard’s deck. It includes the following steps.  

Step 1:The position of feet on the deck 

It is also essential to place your feet in a proper position on the deck. Your feet must be on the center of the deck and the center of gravity. So that your weight could be equally distributed between both feet and you can easily balance your weight while riding. 

Step 2: Position feet before pushing 

It includes two types of pushing. One is goofy-footed, and the other is regular-footed pushing. 

Goofy pushing 

 If you are a right-footed person( goofy person), then you should adjust your right foot above the screws on the deck. And push with your left foot. 

Regular pushing 

 But if you are a left-footed person, then you should adjust your left foot on the deck and push with the help of your right foot to push the skateboard. 

Now to gain speed, simply walk with the help of your leading foot. 

 Pushing a skateboard 

After adjusting your feet properly, you must push the skateboard. Let’s dive deep into the details of the pushing of the skateboard given below: 

  • First, stand on the skateboard with parallel feet next to the rare wheels. 
  • Now place your leading foot on the skateboard behind the trucks. The tip of the shoes must be at 45 degrees behind the bolts for a proper ride. 
  • Now lean forward and bend the knees of your front leg 
  • After this, you must slightly bend your back knee. 
  • After bending your knees, simply push the skateboard with the help of your dominant foot.
  • As the board starts to move after applying the force to push it, now you place your second foot on the board’s deck at its back. 
  • To maintain your balance on the skateboard, you must use both arms and spread them slightly. 
  • Adjust your chest in a perpendicular position and rotate your front foot across the skateboard’s deck. 
  • You must readjust the feet perpendicularly on the board’s deck to skate away. 
  • If you lose your speed, again, place your dominant foot on the ground and push with it slightly to gain speed. 

Safety tips for pushing a skateboard 

As skateboarding is one of the extreme sports that can be risky for beginners. Therefore, for your safety, follow some safety tips before pushing it.

  • Don’t try to ride a skateboard if you are not feeling well. 
  • You must wear safety gear like helmets, wrist gloves, grip-able solid shoes, and safety guards on the elbows and knees. 
  • Don’t push a skateboard in wet places. 
  • Don’t overspend your skateboard if you are a beginner. 
  • Always try to avoid crowded places during skateboarding. 
  • Don’t try difficult stunts if you are a beginner. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What leg do you push with on a skateboard? 

Well, it includes two cases. In a goofy position, you must place your right foot on the front and your left foot on the back. While in the case of regular position, your left foot should be on the front and your right foot on the back. 

What is pushing a skateboard called? 

The pushing of the skateboard is also called Mongo. It is because most people push their skateboards with their back foot while some push them with their front foot. 

Are most skaters goofy or regular? 

Most commonly, the percentage of goofy skaters is less than that of regular skaters. According to the Skatepark of Tampa Database, 58% are regular skaters, while 44% are goofy skaters. 

Do you bend your knees when skateboarding? 

Yes! You must bend your knees while skateboarding to get stability and flexibility during the ride. Moreover, you must bend your knees correctly and keep your feet straight to get better stability. 

Why it is called goofy foot? 

The goofy foot is called so because all the skateboarders, snowboarders, and wakeboarders use their left foot to push the skateboard. 

Wrapping up 

This article includes all the necessary information about How to push on a skateboard that can help you to push the skateboard if you are a beginner. Moreover, you also learn about goofy and regular pushing and can easily select which kind of pushing suits you. Besides this, some of the necessary safety tips are also mentioned above, which keep you safe while riding a skateboard. Hope you find this article helpful and clear all your doubts about pushing a skateboard. 

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