How to clean skateboard wheels

How to clean skateboard wheels

Do you ever become concerned about how your skateboard wheels appear after each ride? Think about it, we often overlook that a skateboard isn’t a machine that cleans automatically. We skate through certain fairly dusty areas. 

Here’s the thing dirt can jam your skateboard wheels and gears pretty quickly. This causes your skateboard to stop moving. It’s time to learn how to clean skateboard wheels. Take off the grime and scuffs on your skateboards so they look new again. No doubt about it servicing the wheels and bearings is extremely simple. It only requires minimal disassembly and careful cleaning. So, it’s time to clean off the dirt and particles on your skateboard’s wheels.

Cleaning skateboard wheels can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Make sure you read this article to learn how to clean your skateboard wheels. In this article, I’ll show you how important the upkeep of wheels is for your skateboard’s effectiveness.  Maintaining your skateboard’s pieces will also help it last longer!

So, let’s start reading: 

Things required to start your cleaning

I know you are eager to clean your wheels so you start skating again. But, you have to get several things prior to cleaning and restoring that sparkling quality of your skateboard wheels. There are a few measures that should be taken to ensure a smooth cleaning. 

Your Skateboard is a must!

Skateboard wheels must be cleaned and serviced on a frequent routine. However, based on your activity and the area in which you go skating, the cleaning should be followed. 

Having to clean skateboard wheels should indeed be done after two to four months in general. If you go skating regularly, though, cleaning your wheels after one month is recommended.

Get a proper working space

Arrange a space able to accommodate your skateboard wheels. Also, this can hold your cleaning supplies. It may be a counter, a table, or even your own floor. Also, remember to keep your workstation tidy in order for your cleaning to have a positive outcome.  Additionally, choosing a work area that is exposed to various lights will be beneficial.

Cleaning without water? Not possible!

So, as long as you are cleaning your wheels, water is essential. One of the most valuable substances for removing stains from any material is water. Aside from being a wonderful cleanser, water is virtually always available.

I suggest you get plenty of water for cleaning the entire wheel’s surface. Also, when washing the wheels or adding other cleansers, set aside sufficient time for rinsing.

Choosing the right tools

In my opinion, you cannot replace the wheels off the skateboard. Ultimately, you’ll seriously injure your hand. When it comes to changing your skateboard’s wheels, the equipment you used to install them is the ideal option. It might be a pairing plier, wrench, or any other tool that suits the size of the bearings on the wheel.

Don’t forget your Brush

You’ll need a brush alongside as water and soap alone won’t get rid of debris. Rubbing with a brush will take care of small particles.

For cleaning skateboard wheels, there isn’t any brush that you should use. The majority of skateboarders prefer using a wiring brush, but I use my regular brush. Regardless of the brush you have, make sure it doesn’t damage your wheels. 

Soapy solution and alcohol

Although soap formulated specifically for washing skateboard wheels isn’t available. The majority of skateboarders clean using dishwashing soap that has been proportionally dissolved in water. Grease and dirt are the most common things that dirty your skateboard’s wheels. Consequently, you don’t have to employ chemicals that could ruin your wheels. 

You can clean your bearings with acetone solution or isopropyl alcohol. However, I wrote this article, using alcohol. 

The towel is essential

You must not keep any fluid on the board wheels when done with washing. It can lead to corrosion and abrupt wheel spins in the long haul. Any moisture must be eliminated.

I suggest you have a paper towel.  This should be used in narrow spaces where a cloth towel will not go. Pick a good towel that doesn’t drop fibers as well. Or else, it will clog the wheels by remaining in the axles and gears.

Procedure for cleaning your wheels and bearings

Cleaning your skateboard is the greatest method to keep it in good shape. It is not necessary to clean your skateboard regularly but must be done on time. Cleaning will guarantee the reliability of your skateboard’s ability. It’s not possible to simply submerge your skateboard in liquid. The major steps enabling wheel maintenance.

Taking out the wheel from the skateboard

Firstly, flip your skateboard. Place it over your work area with the wheel side facing you. Start removing the wheel or the bolts by using your socket wrench. Make certain you have the appropriate tool for removing the wheel, considering the size of nuts and bolts. Keep the wheels at a secure location so they’re easier to find when it’s time to reinstall them.

Take out the bearing

Align the center of one wheel against the truck axle to which it was fastened. By using a rod pushes the bearing from the wheel of your skateboard. This is similar to how a can opener would be used to remove a can lid. To prevent your bearings from getting lost, use the same method on all four wheels and store them in a secure place. 

If you’re having trouble removing the bearings with this technique, pull them out with a screwdriver. To free the bearing, you need to grab the wheels from the sides so they don’t move. Put the point of the screwdriver on the wheel’s leading edge. Then, try pulling the screwdriver to either the left or right side. 

A bearing spacer will come out of the middle of the wheel when you separate the bearings through your wheels. Put this somewhere securely so you can put the bearing and wheel back together later.

Getting the dirt off from the wheels

Scrub firmly with your towel after loosening any pebbles or dirt with your hands. If there are any particularly unclean spots that require a lot of washing, get a brush rather. 

Giving the wheels a good Cleaning

Dip your wheels in a solution of water and soap. You can get the solution either in a tub or bowl. Ensure that the wheels are completely soaked in water to loosen the dust particles on all sides. Soak your wheels for 10-20 minutes.  This allows the soapy water mixture to completely absorb the debris region of the wheels.

Scrubbing the wheels thoroughly

Remove your wheels from the soap and warm water. Then wipe them well. Don’t worry and go all out to ensure they’re gleaming and spotless.

Ensure you wipe off both the interior and outer surface of the wheels. Dirt particles and debris can become stuck in any gap or hole.

Drying out the wheels:

Rub your wheels down with a clean rag till they’re nearly dry. Usually, I prefer leaving them aside for a while or more. So they get completely dry by the time I finish cleaning the bearings.

Completely drying wheels is vital to avoid falling and tripping while riding, so ensure this before reattaching it.

Giving the bearing needed cleaning 

Cleansing solvents such as mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol can be used to polish your gears.

Take the shield off each bearing. You can take the help of a screwdriver or razor blades for removing the shield. Then use a cup or bowl of alcohol to soak them. I try to stir them when soaked in the liquid. This removes the hidden debris particles. You can soak them for up to 5 minutes. 

Scrubbing the bearing for further rinsing

Wear your gloves and remove all of your bearings with care. One at a time drops the bearings onto a clean paper towel. Make sure the watery side is facing the surface of the towel to remove extra fluid and dry them.

Applying the oil on the bearings

The oil that can be applied on skateboards includes sewing machine oil, Skateboard oils, and electronic oils. Apply 2–3 drops on the outer edge of every bearing. Next rotate it to uniformly coat most of the bearing nuts. To remove the oil, use any towel to clear away any residue. 


To summarize, if you feel that your skateboard seems a little rough means the wheels are getting dirty. When you’re skating it’s necessary to learn how to clean the skateboard wheels and implement them.

Go and clean your skateboard wheels in the above simple steps. Whatever you’ve skated through! All that you’ll want to get going has been covered. Also, some main things on how to clean skateboard wheels in good shape as you go. If you still can’t clean your wheel let us know! We’ll love to help you further.

Frequently ask questions: 

Can we soak the bearings in a soapy water solution for a longer time?

Bearings can corrode if they are submerged in water for long. So, It’s only the wheels that need to be soaked.

How do we know our skateboard needs to be cleaned?

Your skateboard wheels become sticky and greasy. This leads you to lose traction on the skatepark concrete.

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