Are Skateboard Pivot Cups Universal

Are Skateboard Pivot Cups Universal?

Are Skateboard Pivot Cups Universal? You’re shredding the skatepark, doing tricks you’ve perfected over months of practice. Your skateboard is an extension of you, but have you ever paused to think about its smaller components? Pivot cups, small but mighty, can influence your board’s performance significantly.

Are Skateboard Pivot Cups Universal?

Skateboard pivot cups are not universal and vary depending on the specific skateboard truck brand and model. Pivot cups are small, cylindrical components that sit inside the truck’s baseplate and provide a cushioned pivot point for the skateboard’s turning mechanism. Different skateboard truck brands and models have unique pivot cup sizes and shapes to ensure proper fit and functionality. Therefore, skateboarders must use the correct pivot cups explicitly designed for their skateboard trucks to ensure optimal performance and durability.

A variety of skateboard pivot cups displayed, highlighting their differences in size and shape, illustrating that they are not universal and vary based on skateboard truck models."

Getting the Right Size: How to Measure a Skateboard Pivot Cup

Measuring a skateboard pivot cup involves assessing internal and external dimensions to ensure compatibility with your skateboard’s trucks. Here’s how to go about it:

Remove the Old Pivot Cup

 First, remove the old pivot cup from the skateboard truck if it’s still in place. You’ll often need to dismantle the truck from the skateboard deck and then gently use a screwdriver or similar tool to pry the old pivot cup.

Measure Internal Diameter

 Use a calliper or similar precision measuring tool to measure the internal diameter of the cup. This is the size of the opening where the truck’s pivot point will sit. Make sure the calliper is positioned evenly for an accurate reading.

Measure Depth

Use a depth gauge or the depth-measuring end of a calliper to measure how deep the pivot cup is. This measurement ensures the truck’s pivot will fit snugly without excessively protruding.

Measure External Diameter

 Lastly, measure the external diameter of the pivot cup at its widest point. This ensures that the cup will fit into the truck baseplate’s hole.

Material Thickness

 While not a measurement per se, take note of the material’s thickness, as thicker pivot cups are generally more durable but may offer different performance characteristics.

Compared with the New Pivot Cup

 Before purchasing a new pivot cup, compare your measurements with the specifications provided by the new cup’s manufacturer. Ensure the internal diameter and depth are closely matched for a proper fit.

Different skateboard pivot cups made from urethane, rubber, and plastic, labeled with their respective advantages and drawbacks, highlighting how material choice influences pivot cup performance and durability.

By accurately measuring these dimensions, you can ensure your new pivot cup will fit and perform as expected. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for additional tips or specifications.

Different Strokes for Different Folks: Material Choices in Pivot Cups


Advantages: It lasts longer and offers smooth rides.

Drawbacks: A bit on the expensive side.


Advantages: Affordable and readily available.

Drawbacks: More durable than urethane.

Plastic or Nylon

Advantages: Cheap and easy to find.

Drawbacks: Least durable, poor performance overall.

Time for a Change? Signs You Need a New Pivot Cup

Visual Checks

If it’s visibly worn down or has cracks, that’s a red flag.

Weird Sounds

Hearing squeaks while turning? It could be the pivot cup.

Performance Decline

If your board isn’t as responsive, check the condition of your pivot cups.

Safety First

Never underestimate safety; a faulty pivot cup could make you lose control.


So, are skateboard pivot cups universal? Not really. They differ in size and material, affecting your ride in various ways. Knowing how to measure, what material suits you, and when to replace them can elevate your skateboarding game. The small things do matter, especially when they’re under your feet.

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