are skateboard bearings waterproof

Are Skateboard Bearings Waterproof?

So you’ve got your skateboard, your tricks are on point, and the world’s your skatepark. But wait, have you ever wondered what happens when you skate through a puddle? That’s right, today we’re diving into the nitty-gritty world of skateboard bearings and water. Skateboard bearings are not typically waterproof. These small metal balls inside the bearing are designed to roll smoothly and efficiently, but they are not built to withstand exposure to water or moisture. When skateboard bearings come into contact with water, they can rust, which affects their performance and durability. To protect your skateboard bearings from water damage, it is recommended to avoid riding in wet conditions, clean and dry them thoroughly after use, and consider using bearing shields or lubricants specifically designed to repel water.

Are Skateboard Bearings Waterproof?

Short Answer: No

Sorry to burst your bubble, but most skateboard bearings aren’t waterproof. They might be water-resistant to some extent, but prolonged exposure to water can lead to rust and reduced performance.

Long Answer: It’s Complicated

Some skateboard bearings are made with unique materials like ceramic, which are less prone to rust. Others have a coating that resists water to some degree. However, these options are often more expensive.

What If I Can’t Avoid Water?


  1. Quick Dry: After you skate through water, dry your bearings ASAP.
  2. Regular Checks: Keep an eye out for signs of rust.

Special Bearings

Some companies offer “water-resistant” bearings. Notice the term is not “waterproof,” but they are better than nothing.

The DIY Waterproofing Trick

Step 1: Remove Bearings

Take those bad boys off your skateboard.

Step 2: Clean ’em Up

Use a solvent like acetone to get rid of old lubricant.

Step 3: Dry and Relubricate

Dry them thoroughly. Add a water-resistant lubricant.

Step 4: Seal the Deal

Consider using rubber seals for extra protection.

So, Are Waterproof Bearings Worth It?

Let’s be honest; no bearing is 100% waterproof. But some options are better at resisting water damage than others. If you find yourself frequently skating through water, investing in water-resistant bearings may save you money in the long run.


Skateboard bearings and water are not a match made in heaven. Traditional bearings can rust and lose lubrication when wet. However, you can take precautions, opt for water-resistant bearings, or even try a little DIY magic to improve their durability. The choice is yours, but remember: a little care goes a long way in skating. Keep shredding!

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