Best Skateboard Wheels

Best Skateboard Wheels in 2023- Good and Soft Wheels

Deciding Best Skateboard Wheels, cause the players to note various factors and segments. You require great versatility in the choice of these wheels as different ground natures suites different horizons of wheels.

Skateboarding is a concise play that requires huge perfection for its accessories. For gaining flawless activity out of skateboarding, it demands the right activity of wheels. The whole of the skating, activity is bound to wheels, which is mainly necessary to move over and about.

For instance, smooth concrete grounds are best for hard and grippy wheels, and in the same way, softer wheels are more in demand for rough interfaces. Here we try to present versatility in terms of wheels that would help you to get the right pair of wheels for your skateboarding experience.

Top 14 Best Skateboard Wheels in 2023

Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheel

. Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheel

Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel is one of the most adorable products for making skateboarding worthful experience. It helps the rider to perform all kinds of rolling actions smoothly on even rough grounds also. The wheels are well-supported in terms of reviews and recommendations by experts. If the users are in search of right-angled wheels that stand best for regular cruising activity, then this, Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel is the optimal and most supportive option available for usage.

It will allow various amazing stunts and rolling actions to be performed most professionally, which will show the feasibility of wheels and also the skills of users to operate them rightly.

In addition to this, the wheels have a standard and normal shape that would advantage it in the sense that its operation and functionality will remain comprehensive for the users. That is also the reason for its popularity. It is made up of urethane with a solid, 78D core. That provides it a proper and valid grip while operational functionality. The softness of urethane will produce a smooth rolling effect.

Moreover, the cloud acknowledgment in the product proves very worthy and highly appreciated by the players. This cloud entanglement plays an important role in the skating action. It causes the rough grounds to feel smooth and flawless in riding adventure. It is not easy and is easily carried along the kate deck and hardware. Also, it provides a tight-fitting deck to avoid any kind of accident or misadventure.

Apart from all this, it provides a large type of versatility both in colors and hardness. This versatility provides more and more exposure and enhances the exposure on the skating horizon. People rumbled around in search of different and accurate sizes and hardness of wheels; Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel provide them the whole of the option in one product.

  • Versatility in Colors
  • High quality built
  • Guaranteed product
  • Highly professional activity
  • It is pricy

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels is well-known because of its working as well as its enchanting appearance as it consists of a classic color approach of red and white that also enhances your board’s appearance. It is a high-quality product that can surely be trusted and implemented accurately for skateboard activity. It is well-built, especially for beginners and early learners. All the featural activities are well supported for them.

Especially the regular size and Durometer range, show biasedness for the beginner’s approach. It has a large size variety but for optimal choice, it offers a 52mm wheel size with a solid grip ability on the ground and even with rough floors. As far as hardness is concerned so it stands with the minimalist measure of 99a. this measure is well-functioned and highly adjustable for beginners, skate park riding, ramps activities, and pool skating adventures. 

Moreover, it is a highly guaranteed product and free from all types of manufacturing defects to ensure the credibility and validity of the product as well as of the manufacturers. Exceptionally incomes in the set of 4 with all its working features. The measure of ratio in terms of both the size and the durometer, this Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels offers high-speed activities.

Even though the durometer value is large but still, the board managed the high-speed activities in a highly precise way. The board keeps a highly stable position and also the traction ability is well-appreciated. Thus, all kinds of slipping problems are removed permanently.

It is a well-built product for users who are not so professional in skating action. All the moderate and intermediate level players, customize their boards with Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels, to enjoy and implement its tremendous working horizon. It is highly economical and worth the money in real terms. Once you got benefited from these wheels, you no longer will have to worry about them because they last longer than the other competitive wheels.

  • Highly affordable
  • Comes in the set of 4
  • Classic colors
  • Strong grip power
  • Optimal issues

Shark 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels

Shark, 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels

Shark 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels are well-acknowledged because of their reinvention interface. It is one of the best approaches for rolling actions and conveys the most modified working performance. It is a lightweight product that fits exactly and tightly with the deck in an extremely comprehensive way. All new technologies and innovations make these wheels even faster than other competitive products in the market.

It fixes smartly to avoid all kinds of flaws and accidents while practical activity performance. Most of all, the Shark, 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels have a conventionally different squared shape. This shape under the deck provides more friction and grip ability. The square shape of the wheels provides more traction ability and lets the player enjoy equilibrium in the most sustained position for an even longer interval of time.

This is a huge success for the manufacturers in terms of the reinvention of wheels. It is worth its price and allows the player to manage their working horizon in the most modest form. Moreover, the Shark 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels hold a durometer of 78a, which stands best for rough surfaces, longboards, and street boards. These are the soft wheels that help the early riders to manage the friction factors and equilibrium conditions.

It swiftly rolls over the obstacles to end up the stunt action in a highly precise way. These are real-term professional wheels that carry the authorization of more than about 500 companies other than this skating fortune. If you are in search of an all-in-all skateboarding wheel that went extra-ordinary with your deck choice, then Shark, 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels are available to create utter ease for you. As it is a long-lasting product that stands best even in wet conditions and removes all kinds of slip and friction issues.

  • Ideal for pro-players
  • Highly stable
  • Faster
  • Appreciated in wet condition (No slip issues)
  • Expensive

Powell Peralta Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

Powell Peralta Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

Powell Peralta Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels is the best example of wheels that holds exceptional quality of traction, building structure, and stability. Players rely upon these wheels because of their highly efficient features. The Powell Peralta Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels are the utmost option available in the market for the street, rough terrain, and hill skating. All these types of skating require a high degree of precision and accuracy in stunt action to avoid all kinds of fluctuations and flaws in the stunt action.

They are extremely lightweight and easy to handle. It bound to the board deck in an extremely strong way. Even the hardware and pad approach for these wheels are of high quality and accurately monitored. These are extremely soft and light and thus went well for the rough grounds. As far as the obstacles are concerned, then this will hit the activity in an extremely tremendous way to show up its activity.

 It has a wider profile (width ratio) of 44mm width that causes the player to manage the deck over it in the most precise way and thus, the intimacy for stability and balance position becomes approachable in the most comprehensive way. This wider profile makes the wheels easy to slide and removes all the issues concerning friction to avoid the hustle and other hustle-related issues. This plays an important role in players’ protection from all kinds of misfortunate hurdles and accidents.

Even the aggressive stunts and rolling activities are easily managed in a way that the player enjoys that stunt and presents those actions in the most concise way. The players are highly impressed by the working ability of these Powell Peralta Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels. This manages the sating experience so smoothly that the player himself enjoys its company. Finding such an amazing product at a budget-friendly price attracts the player’s ad users towards it more and they grab the product actively in no time.

  • Ideal for park, street, and pool skating
  • Magnificently worthy in appearance
  • Strong and stable
  • lightweight
  • Might be functionally upset sometimes

Spitfire Formula Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire Formula Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard Wheels have elegant working and appearance recognition. They are tremendously appreciated due to their fine approach to working and full-supportive interface. These wheels are extremely standard in features and have a unique and comprehensive working horizon for the skating adventure. It has an innovative classic design with the implementation of high-contrast red and white colors. It comes in a set of four.

That has a bigger and broader advantage for the players in case they met any unexpected accident or some sort of trouble. Professional players love to rely upon this Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard Wheels because it has everything that is needed for the fine activity of skateboarding. It is lined with the durometer of 101A, which means that it is one of the utmost and highly demanded products by the pro players. Pro players utilize these four sets of wheels in professional activity and even also in championship leagues. ultimately they end up with keen precision.

It is highly versatile and can easily utilize in all situations including all sorts of grounds. Its 52mm width makes it worthwhile for beginners’ experience and the working action over street skating activities. In addition to all this, it holds the specification for Formula Four Urethane. That is highly significant for its popularity in the market. The Formula Four Urethane offers high-end abrasion resistance.

It can bear all sorts of pressure and heat scorching activities on hot sunny days. Along with the resistance ability, the Urethane formula ensures a proper grip of wheels over the road and obstacles to pass on easily. This will also provide confidence to the players so that they can sturdily and actively perform the actions for the audience and also for their personal adventure experiences. It is a workable product for the players.

  • Affordable
  • Classic appearance
  • Fast and sturdy
  • Smooth wheel approach
  • Color scratches

Orangatang 80 mm Skateboarding Wheels

Orangatang 80 mm Skateboarding Wheels

Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Skateboarding Wheels are the most popular and supportive downhill skateboarding wheels that provide maximum traction and have a strong grip for hill activity. It is extremely reliable for longboard concerns as it is specifically re-known in the market. The wheels are made up of Happy urethane with a large supportive core. As it has the most special Orangatang urethane formula that makes it even smoother, plush and grip-full for the roads.

The core has various advantages for skating activities. It consists of a 46mm exposed core that causes the stunts to get a unique type of crispiness and efficiency. The performance is high get maintained through them. It accelerates and speed-up the normal performance of skating through its most comprehensive interface.

The core plays an important role in pressure management activity. It reduces the weight and causes the players to enjoy stunt actions without any kind of hustle and fuss activity. Moreover, it has a large amount of versatility both in the sets and also in the durometers; it has measure ratios of 77a, 80a, and 83a. they are specified to provide maximum traction and support to the interfacial structure of Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Skateboarding Wheels.

Additionally, it consists of the sharp square shape of wheels that are magnificently reliable for aggressive activity and as well as sharp turns. But its grip ability renders soft services anytime they want to play a softer ride. In terms of these aspects, it holds a diameter of 80mm. that exceeds the usage over the demanded requirements. With this aspect ratio, the Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Skateboarding Wheels are highly ready to roll over any kind of difficult hurdle or obstacle. This also shows the efficiency and conciseness of the wheels that let the players enjoy a keen activity of skating adventures. It is an affordable option for skaters who want to end up with the best output.

  • Ideal downhill skateboard wheel
  • Maximum traction
  • No friction issues
  • Highly supportive
  • Chip issues on the rough surfaces

Spitfire Classic 99D Toxic Shrooms

Spitfire Classic 99D Toxic Shrooms

Spitfire Classic 99D Toxic Shrooms 50/50 Skateboard Wheels are highly common in the market for the player’s usage because it is available in versatile options there are almost 10 colors and styles available for the users to be implemented and used in their skating adventure. Through the versatility in colors, the skating actions become more interesting and enchanting for the user experience.

For practical work, the wheels are extremely speedy and sturdy. They accelerate the board’s adventure in a totally enchanting style. As It features the ideal measure ratio of a 51mm diameter and 101a durometer. That makes it highly reliable for longboards adventure. The diameter stands best for the users at the early stages. They can easily maintain the equilibrium position through it as it reduces the weight over it and thus, the function can be easily performed through these wheels.

Its classic shape makes it more unique and attractive. It has upgraded much more than the previous versions. A lot of featural changes have been made to it. It has a smooth surface that deliberately stands for efficient activities. The smooth surface will help to reduce friction issues and maintain the daily tasking most comprehensively. They make everything and every stunt possible for the riders. Because it has highly monitored sliding abilities.

In addition to this, it is a competitive product as it is confined to Formula Four Urethane. This formula makes it highly exceptional. Because the Formula Four Urethane provides abrasion support and pressure management abilities to the wheels in a highly concise way. All sorts of pressures during the hot sunny hours, and sustain the flow for the experience of the rider. In case the wheels face any sort of damaging thing then, it comes up with a set of others that can be implemented in their space.

  • Efficient slides
  • Affordable
  • Fine quality
  • Free from all sorts of manufacturing defects
  • No power-slide activity assurance

Sector 9 Nine Ball 70Mm 78A (4)

Sector 9 Nine Ball 70Mm 78A (4)

Sector 9 Nine Ball 70Mm 78A (4) is highly known because it provides more grip, long-lasting work efficiency, and a smooth anti-slick slide. All of these terms are highly significant in making the users’ skateboarding experience better than before ever. It is a top-selling product that has maintained its activity on really good terms. It is made up of top-shelf urethane, which stands best in terms of quality.

It has a classic shape with natural colors and is equally reliable for all sorts of grounds. Players can conventionally use it for street skating and apart from this, it can also be utilized for pool and ramp adventures. Moreover, it is free from all kinds of slipping and flipping activities. It has a powerful grip over obstacles and grounds so all the stunts and skating adventures are confidently completed with the help of Sector 9 Nine Ball 70Mm 78A (4) wheels.

These wheels have a concise contact patch of 38mm that resists the contrast of deck and wheel together. This will save you from a lot of disastrous activities and manage the skating experience in the most secure ad safe way. It is a highly affordable and budget-friendly product with a kind approach to overall kind of features. Thus, the activity and services provided by this set of wheels are highly acknowledged by the experts and players also.

It is a lightweight, long-lasting and reliable choice for users. Its special-centered core ability and factor make it abrasion-free in action. Of this factor, it can bear a lot of pressure and weight just to maintain the daily activity of street skating and other skating. Apart from all this, it is also reliable to be dipped in water for pool adventure and professional players utilize it in cruising activities also. This is because of the hardness or durometer ratio of the wheels that make it ideal for aggressive activities by then professionals.

  • Natural color
  • Great speed
  • traction with stability
  • affordable
  • Not for early learners

I WONDER Cloud Wheel 105 mm

 I WONDER Cloud Wheel 105 mm

I WONDER Cloud 105mm wheels are the most updated and highly technological wheels known so far in the market. It is a guaranteed product made up of high-quality material. Nothing can beat the quality of the material used in the practical approach of these wheels. These are the high exceptional wheels made up of fine-quality Polyurethane(PU) that maintain the abrasion issues of skating. Along with this, it holds a diameter ratio of 105mm. this ratio makes it exceptional in use by the pro players for their professional activities.

It s highly suitable for all kinds of grounds; rough terrains or even downhill activities. This versatility makes it even more unique in its interface. These are highly innovative products and also work as an electrical skateboarding adventure. The core terms make it even thicker to pass by the pressure activities. 

Moreover, it consists of vibration and thrasher-free activities. It is lined with the Patented Damping Foam Core Technology. This technology bound the wheels with damp foam filters. These filters make the skating activity smooth and remove all the vibrations due to the roughness of the grounds.

In addition to all this, the I WONDER Cloud 105mm wheels consist of a curved tread design. This design is highly reliable for gripping activities and making the board flawless in action. The curved structure of wheels provides the anti-skid force that is complementary to high-speed activities.

This wheel product is highly exceptional and no doubt has made its unique place throughout the market. People for their professionals tasks rely upon this highly monitored and featured product.

It solves all the bumping issues that create unrelated activities in the smooth adventure of skating. So the players go for it and enjoy the experience in the most reliable way. It removes all the traditional approaches for the wheels and causes it to enhance daily skating activities. This happens to be possible due to the discovery electric ability of skateboards. That not only make it unique in experience but an updated option for the players to enhance their skating skills.

  • More shock absorption
  • Innovative damping technology
  • No fear of bumps
  • Exceptional support
  • Slightly expensive

I WONDER Cloud Wheel Skateboard Wheels

I WONDER Cloud Wheel Skateboard Wheels

I WONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery 120mm Electric Skateboard Wheels are the top-selling product that causes you to enhance your skateboarding experience. It is highly proficient in its working action and tries to maintain the daily skating action in the most precise way.

The wheels are lined with Translucent urethane, which makes an invisible enchanting image to mesmerize the whole appearance of your skateboard. this ability is seen as very rare in other competitive products. So being unique in its interface, it is highly popular among professional players. Because they always try of adopting something unique in the prospect of their skateboard accessories.

It consists of a thick wheel core that boosts the activity of skating in an exceptional way and to that level where players enjoy their tasks, accurately and precisely. Moreover, it is lined with High-Strength material that provides resistance abilities. All kinds of resistance are bearable for the players if they are utilizing these I WONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery 120mm Electric Skateboard Wheels.

The Player finds full grip and strength through the practical activity of these onboard wheels. The wheels are highly sturdy in action it maintains the high and aggressive stunt activities most efficiently by high-speed sliding. These sliding techniques are well-monitored and concise from the expert’s view. So if you are looking for something unique and innovative then, the I WONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery 120mm Electric Skateboard Wheels is the best option available for your practical experience.

It will surely facilitate your action abilities and tends to make you more skillful/ and professional in daily skating activities. It works beyond the limitation of grounds for a longer interval. So apart from the terrain issue, it is on a broader level to convey the best output. No need to rumble around in search of something ideal, I WONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery 120mm Electric Skateboard Wheels solve all the skating-related issues and facilitate the riders with utter ease.

  • Well-built product
  • Highly efficient
  • Exceptional in features
  • Innovative technologies.
  • It is pricy

Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Skateboard Wheels

Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Skateboard Wheels

Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels is very much versatile in terms of its practical action. It is specially designed to meet a lot of adventures within a single product. It offers maximum hold over the speed and grip; which maintains the confidence level of players. through this, they all will be able to act sturdily. These board wheels facilitate all sorts of skating actions. Moreover, downhill skateboarding and long-distance pushing can easily be controlled comprehensively through it. Thus, the wheels deliver the utmost output in return for these activities.

The wheels are lined with classic design and structure that fits tightly and strongly under the deck to make sure the convenience of binding and holding them together with high-quality hardware. Moreover, it has the ideal pro-players type diameter ratio of 75mm. that let them pass over all kinds of hard obstacles easily. With strong grip-full abilities and wider core occurrence, the Orangatang in Heat Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels can enhance the stunt performance. In addition to all this, it is an in-heat wheel that can easily bear the scorching sun radiation on a sunny day. The tires or wheels work flawlessly without the fear of any kind of rupture or deterioration activity.

It is an ideal option available for pro players who want to upgrade their skateboards. These wheels will help them to upgrade their skating system with all the new technologies and references. It tends to maintain a smooth ride even on hard floors with traction factors and all types of friction issues are tremendously removed to solve the skating problems. It offers exceptional ad worth-full services in a highly economical package to show up the best results. So the players who go for this optimal option are available in the market. It will be worth your money in all aspects.

  • Quick responsive and sturdy
  • Well-built design
  • Classic appearance
  • Highly supportive
  • Nothing specific to mention

Sure-Grip Cannibal Wheels

Sure-Grip Cannibal Wheels

Sure-Grip Cannibal Wheels are top-rated products regarding skating activity. Experts are of view these products as it is superficially reliable and convey smooth action as the output. It is lined with the special Indoor race formula that has raised the popularity of this product. This formula will let the player enjoy unique rolling and flipping action even in the indoor skating adventure.

And easily maintain these actions for the balance concerns. No doubt, achieving equilibrium and balance for the skate deck or for a player is not an easy task but Sure-Grip Cannibal Wheels is here to solve all the problems. It has a high profile grip-ability that lets the layers experience all kinds of adventure by merely flipping the wheels. As the players turn over the wheels, they twist over in the most concise way the players end up with an extremely smooth run.

Moreover, it also offers huge versatility in terms of hardness and diameter. The ideal aspects of these factors will make the wheels ideal for usage. Additionally, it comes in a pack of 8-wheels for long-term activity. It is damage-free and abrasion-free. All types of hard and fast activities are economically managed by this budget-friendly wheel approach. As it is bounded by the aluminum hub, this aluminum is lined with a silver coating that not only makes it shiny but also protects them from all kinds of rust and corrosion issues.

The wheels are highly reliable for all sorts of skating adventures including the pool experience. So by making a contact with water, it might get the danger of rusting. This danger is deliberately removed with the help of silver coating over the aluminum hub. If the players are in search of fine material and a well-equipped pack of wheels, for their skating stunts, then Sure-Grip Cannibal Wheels are the approachable product available just a click far from them. It will surely be worth your money as well as time.

  • Ideal dimensions
  • Efficient and sturdy
  • Budget-friendly
  • Reliable
  • Lettering is falling off

Sure-Grip Zombie Wheels Max

Sure-Grip Zombie Wheels Max

Sure-Grip Zombie Wheels Max is exceptionally known so far because of its vast range in diameter and hardness. Players do not need to locate different brands for versatile skating action. If they are utilizing one of the measured ratios, then they can easily rely on the performance activity of other options available. It comes in a set of 4 is more often enough for the pair of skates. Users can efficiently perform their skating tasks with a single set.

It has different diameter ratios for the wheels ranging from low, mid, and maximum ratios. A low ratio with the aspects of 58mm x 36mm is ideal for beginner’s usage but on the other hand, the Mid and Maximum aspects stand best for professional activity assurance. Not only the diameter offers versatility, but also the hardness or durometer do. In the same way, there is four different terms of hardness are available that comprise different color combos.

These wheels are highly secure and pressure resistant. They can bear the whole abrasion without any kind of rupture issues. So by keeping their features highlighted and well-maintained, the manufacturers earn a good reputation. It is a worthy set of wheels that offers intense features under a highly economical price tag. Moreover, the quality of work is also ensured and guaranteed by their side.

It consists of perfect round-shaped wheels with a full grip over the skating action. It causes the board to roll over in the most smooth and efficient way. As it is extremely lightweight so it is easy to handle and hold along with the skateboard.

  • Highly versatile
  • Efficient and sturdy
  • Quick in showing response
  • affordable
  • Nothing to mention

Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels

Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels

Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels are termed to be the easiest and most comprehensive wheels to be adjusted and implemented for the right and concise skating activity. It is extremely unique in its interface with sharp and bold color that attracts the user at the first sight. It has a classic and sleek design that fits exactly and rightly just below the skating deck.

It holds a diameter of 51mm which is important and worthy for beginners and intermediate players. Through this wider aspect, they would be able to balance the deck and perform cornering stunts more smoothly.

Additionally, it is made up of polyurethane material, which provides extra grip abilities to it. The wheels are specially designed to help the rider during controversial skating technique performances. Now by the utilization of these wheels, the players can perform stunts accurately and more confidently.

It is lightweight and long-lasting in action. Along with this, it is extremely reliable and shock absorbing in nature that lets the wheel do more work for a large interval of time without any issue of damage and deterioration. Moreover, it can bear aggressive skating stunts most easily, and also maintain the same task in the same and even more sturdy way. This stands best in the skating market as a whole.

The Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels, promise keen functionality and a wonderful skating experience, that provides amusement resources not to the audience only but players also. It is a full-package product with the optimal budget. All the features are well supported by the interfacial framework of Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels. It removes all sorts of bugs in players’ minds related to the skating stunts’ approachability. This wheel is most popular in demand for users’ reliability because wheels are supposed to be the most crucial aspect of a skateboard activity.

  • Variety in colors
  • Strong
  • Long-lasting
  • Ideal for beginners experience
  • Nasty smell in the pack like chemicals

Skateboard Wheels

Skateboarding play has gone through various innovations and changes to reach this hostile position. Early skateboarding does not have any concept of wheels. But later in the 1970s, the first urethane skateboard wheels changed the working horizon as it causes more easiness of ride for the players and let them enjoy skating in an advanced and different scenario. 

By the usage, of these urethane skateboard wheels, players can easily flip over the curve turns without the fear of being slipped. moreover, the players would have more grip over the rough pavements with the use of these urethane skateboard wheels. The acknowledgment of the urethane wheels has also passed through various changes. During the last 50 years, there have introduced various up-gradation in terms of these urethane skateboard wheels. 

In today’s age, we have a lot of variety regarding wheels inters of size, style, and grip abilities. In addition to this, the hardness of the wheels is also very important and note-worthy. The hardness is selected according to the nature of the ground on which is being practiced.

Best Skateboard Wheels Buying Guide

Various factors are taken foremost while deciding Best Skateboard Wheels. The choice should be practical and concise to avoid any kind of misbehavior on the skateboard. Apart from urethane wheels, the modern need for wheels is bound to polyurethane.

So for your convenience, here’s the proper guide that will explain the things that you need to look, at and choose the best wheels for your skating experience.

Types of Wheels

Before choosing the right size and shape of wheels it is required to make up your mind for what purpose you want the wheels. As skateboarding is a versatile play in action so for its practical approach there are three types of wheels are available.

  1. Park and street wheels
  2. Cruiser Wheels (Soft)
  3. Longboard wheels (Hard)

All the types have special edges and their advantages for application. They are confined to each f their activities. In the real term, it removes the fuss element for beginners who are unaware of the skating elements.

Players at the starting level, can select the park/street wheels and perform the basic stunts, efficiently and accurately. Later on, they can upgrade their usage with perfection at an early level and can utilize the other wheels.

Diameter or Size ratio

The size or diameter of the wheel is very much important to make the right decision and to enjoy a precise activity of skating adventure. Both the large and small diameter have their own advantages in terms of activity.

Smaller size wheel weighs less and will prove easier to operate and manure but on the other hand, large wheels weigh more and cause the skateboards to go at a faster speed than others.

It is measured in millimeters and has different size approaches for versatile skating actions. But for the beginner’s activity always go with the optimal and conservation ranging from 52mm to 55mm. as it offers more equilibrium to attain a balanced position.

For general riding style see the table below;

Wheel sizePractical Application
49mm-52mmStreet skating wheels
52mm-55mmAll-around skating wheels
55mm-60mmAll-around skating, and transition skating wheels
60mm-65mmTransition skating wheels
65mm-70mmCruiser and longboard wheels
Diameter or Size ratio


Durometer is the term that is used for the hardness of wheels. It is directly proportional to the hardness, which means the higher the number f Durometers, the more hard the wheels will be.

Beware of choosing the right wheels with perfect hardness as it decides the whole of the further activity of skateboards. It is an important factor because it tells the players how much gripping ability a wheel has. Moreover how strong the wheel is to bear shocks and pressure.

Durometer is most commonly measured in ‘’A’’ scale which relates directly to the hardness ratio. Generally, the streets and transition type of wheels have a measured ratio that is harder than 98A, whereas, the cruising wheels are usually 78A durometer.

It might vary between 78A and 90A, for convenient performance.

For cruising purposes, softer wheels are most preferred as they went at a faster speed to cover the path and stuck to obstacles. This reduces the flow of the board over the slide and remains on the transition hurdles to show a polished stunt by the player through the wheel activity.

There are various applications of the hardness of the wheel; to understand the concept go-through the following chart;

Durometer scale RangePractical application
78a-87aFor rough surfaces, longboards, and street boards (softer wheels)
88a-95aPerfect for street, rough terrain, and hill skating
96a-99aIdeal for beginners, skate parks, ramps, pools, etc.
101a- moreMade for Pro-Riders only

Contact Patch

Contact patch refers to the area that comes directly in contact with the pavement. This thought to be much significant as it decides the role of wheels in skating actions. 

In terms of the wheels, this is directly proportional to the size of the wheels.

in simple meaning, the larger the wheel size is, the larger the contact patch will be.

For better activities and professionalism, wheels with large contact patch are appreciated because proves very worthy and beneficial. Because when a small area is in contact with the pavement, the pressure, and compression of the wheels increase, which ultimately went with the slow speed.

In terms of this, the aggressive activities during the championship will be hard to manage and operate.

One most important factors that affect the contact patch is the size and shape of the wheel itself.

It overall belongs to the working action; for instance, the round wheels approach will produce less contact with the pavement, and square shape wheels produce more.

Significantly, the riders always need to have some unique decisions for the best skateboard wheels.


Final Verdict

Wheels are always chosen with keen precision as it drives the basic activity of the skateboard and helps the rider t perform round-over stunts for the thrill and adventure experience. Any flaw and mal-functionality in the rotating action of wheels can put the rider in severe danger.

This mal-functionality will create serious issues, in the practical activity. Players would not able to perform rightly, and even their hold over the board also faces serious balance issues.

So beware of its choice, and to end up the ride in a smooth way the players are required to choose a customized wheel size and quality. This will last the skating activity with an enchanting charm and more perfection. So just sit back and have an overview of the above content that consists of the most popular brands and trends regarding the Best Skateboard Wheels.

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