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Best Skateboard Trucks 2023- Cheap and Good Trucks

In general, skateboard trucks are the complementary part of the skateboard to keep wheels and bearings attached securely and strongly. It is mounted on the lower side of the board and provides full support of attachment. It is the key component of the skateboarding approach and directly decides the right functionality of boarding. So beware in choosing, Best Skateboard Trucks for your custom boards.

Mainly they refer to the steering device of boards, that are tied at the bottom to control the entire skating approach. So it should be selected precisely for avoiding any kind of hurdle in the practical skating activity. Here we try to present more concise options for the Best Skateboard Trucks; that ultimately help you to complete your customs boards and hold them strongly for efficient working. Just sit relax and overview the whole of the product content for creating a nice image in your barding style with the help of Trucks.

Top 10 Best Skateboard Trucks in 2023

Independent Silver 139mm Trucks

Independent Silver 139mm Trucks

Independent Silver 139mm Trucks are the most approachable and common trucks found in the market. It is most generally used and easily accessible and understandable by everyone even the players also.

It is highly durable and water-resistant. Hat make it practical and reliable for all type of skateboarding. It is a highly competitive product that conveys a high-performance activity. Moreover, its adjustable size makes it worthy and can be implemented on all types of skating boards without any special kind limitations in customization. The Independent Silver Trucks stands with a highly stable working action.

It easily fulfills the basic need and requirements of the board. Seeking the balance and stable approach of the Truck, it became popular in the market. The trucks provide an advantage while turning and tricking actions. Its stable features will cause the player to get the best outcome from the customized skateboard bounded by this truck. It also makes the wheel and bearing working more significant in terms of output.  

Apart from all this, this pro-skateboard truck is highly versatile in action. It is adjustable and can easily fit on different sizes of decks. There appear no issues regarding the fixing and its proper adjustment under the board decks. These skateboard trucks are worthy of different tricks on almost all kinds of floors but on the whole, it stands incredible for street skating as it offers free-style, so being approachable it resists all obstacles and ends with high efficiency.

The Independent Silver 139mm Trucks make the overall performance of the skateboard worthy and seemly. If the user wants to seek an economical and versatile approach to the truck then, this will be best suited for them. As it is fully alloy plated and resistant to all kinds of corrosion and rust issues causing the trucks to work efficiently for even more than the average time of 2 to 4 years. This is one of the most appreciated products available in the market.

  • Easily fit for most of the boards
  • Durable
  • Practical and efficient
  • lightweight
  • Noise producing factor

Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks

Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks

Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks are extremely high quality and efficient working trucks they are an example of their work. The skating market considers this as a Cup-Cake product for making customized boards, well structured. As far as its interface is concerned, it is a highly comprehensive and easy-to-understand interface. It is also easily adjustable with all its belonging accessories. The Trucks are specially designed to introduce something stronger outcome for the skateboards.

This pro-choice product is specifically reliable for making the board activity even more stable, balanced and interruption-free. Seeking the flawless board activity out of it, the market acknowledges it best choice available around. In addition to all this, the Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks is extremely adjustable for the deck of sizes ranging from 8.25-inches to 8.75-inches.

This is highly appreciated along with its belonging factors. The axle of trucks that stands by the wheels has a measured ratio of 8-inches this will cause the broad angles to the wheels and cause the players to increase the working horizon. The versatility also makes it worthy for application purposes. Moreover, the Venture polished low skateboard has shiny plating over its surface that resists all kinds of rust issues away from it.

Apart from all this, the truck structure is made up of High-quality material that has been exported from California. This foreign approach raises the standards and finishes the edging compatibility in an extremely comprehensive. So Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks introduces a new standard of skateboarding and balancing the situation along with the wheels activity, in the skating market.

Keeping that standard at the forefront, expert advice this Lo Trucks for binding activity of wheels. Although it is not that economical in price factors, it will boost the skating board adventure in totally different terms and concisely ends for a long time with efficient working.

  • Perfect for large deck size
  • Reliable and durable
  • Well-built
  • lightweight
  • Not so economical
  • Professional cease issues

Thunder Hi 147 Polished Skateboard Trucks

Thunder Hi 147 Polished Skateboard Trucks

Thunder Hi 147 Polished Skateboard Trucks, are one of the most smooth products to be utilized by the layers in terms of almost everything; including the bushing approach, axle’ working or bearing, etc.

These high-end, Thunder Hi 147 polished trucks are highly budget-friendly and end up with high performance even at this economical price. The brand does not compromise on the quality of this polished Skateboarding Truck. It is a well-built product that keeps on providing the best wheels and tracking outcomes for a long time. It is bounded by strong structural material that causes it to stand best for the balancing and equilibrium action.

It is extremely lightweight and durable. This causes the bard to also feel lightweight even after its binding along with the axle and wheels. It comes in two sets that cause the things to be managed in the case of tear and wear factor. Far away the Thunder Hi 147 Polished Skateboard Trucks is one of the lighter and more reliable options available for players. That causes them to enjoy smooth and effective skating stunts.

Its raw polished surface keeps it free from all kinds of reluctant issues and ultimately terms to be free from all kinds of slip action and directly sustains the working in an extremely portable way. The players approach it because it maintains working more swiftly and effectively. The turns and popping adventures become more sturdy and applicable for user utilization. That’s why it got selected for the professionals.

  • High-quality material
  • Provide flawless turning actions
  • Polished surface
  • Lightweight and adjustable
  • Might cause operational issues

Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum

Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum

Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum Skateboard Trucks is an aluminum-made truck that conveys a strong and durable working texture for the skateboard. It is extremely versatile and specified in its working performance. You can enhance your customized skateboards by endorsing the different colors of trucks. Ultimately it attracts the audience during the work play and provides you with a smooth and effective ride.

The effectiveness of the ride is because of unbeatable accessories working. the Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum Skateboard Truck is in line with the 52mm wheels of adjustable size according to the skating activity. The wheels get concisely ad=justed with the truck and deliver high performance as an output to the players in skating adventure.

Additionally, this high-edge skating truck consists of a Carson steel axle. The axle is extremely of high quality and performance along with a 95a black bushing. Both the axle and bushings are directly related to the utmost activity of the skateboard. The high-end performance causes the players to tackle the board even in trash areas and over obstacles.

Moreover, this unique skateboard truck comprises 1/8″ Black Riser Pads. The pads provide enough soothing and gripping affinity for the skate of right and secure skating activity. It stands best for the skating activity. The truck is suitable for almost all sorts of skating. It is aluminum construction provides a soothing layer to it that causes the truck to last for an even longer time without the hesitant activity of corrosion and rusting.

It increases the balancing gesture of the skateboard and causes you to enjoy a more stable position over the skateboard. The confidence of stability due to the strong connectivity of the wheel along with the truck, causes the players to enjoy and perform critical stunts with more ease and flexibility. It is an overall pretty-looking truck that not only operationally enhances your work but also causes devastation regarding the appearance of the board.

  • Longlasting and durable Aqua coloring approach
  • lightweight
  • Malfunctionality of screw affinity

Krux Trucks Standard Truck

Krux Trucks Standard Truck

Krux Trucks Standard skateboard truck is a highly authentic and guaranteed product for the player’s skating activities. Its surface is lined with Silver Polish which provides it with a laminating sheet against the rust and corrosion effects. Its silver polished surface is the main cause of its long-term working performance, as it causes the wheel and board to work effectively over obstacles and perform different skating stunts. Thus, its activities and work are highly appreciated by all kinds of skating layers.

This Skateboard truck is extremely concise for all kinds of skating experiences. the beginners, intermediates, or even the pro players, customize their boards with the fine activity of trucks and end up with smooth ad efficient working performances. The Krux Trucks Standard skateboard truck is designed with extremely innovative techniques. The base plate of the board is supported by cushions and padding facilities.

This is for the concise fitting and bounding of the base plate under the lower side of the skateboard. Thus, the wheels are adjusted along with the axle and bushings concisely. In addition to all this, the skating stunts are extremely managed with the help of the ideal size of Hanger that hicks the accessories together. The hanger has a measured ratio of 5.35-inches. Overall, the Krux standard truck is a well-built product that holds the demands of skating players regarding their skateboards.

The custom approach of the skateboard gets an adorable holding scenario through these amazing trucks. They are perfect for beginners and kids who revolve around skating activities with the loose stitching of trucks and bushings.  It is highly economical and budget-friendly in terms of price and delivers a complete and secure sense of skating to beginners and even to the pro-players. For those who want to seek an appropriate and concise sense of rolling and flipping actions of skating, then the Krux Trucks Standard is the best optimal option available for usage.

  • Comes with proper padding and insulation
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Economical
  • economical
  • Seems much reliable than other competitive products

Gullwing Sidewinder II Skateboard Trucks

Gullwing Sidewinder II Skateboard Trucks

Gullwing Sidewinder II Skateboard Trucks are significantly designed to help riders with their skate riding activities. It has a special approach and adjustability for longboards. This prominent feature related to the longboard, causes the skate deck to achieve stability and equilibrium position during the stunts more precisely and securely. This is one of the most enchanting products with exceptional features and most of all at a highly economical price.

Under the budget-friendly price tag, the Gullwing Sidewinder II Skateboard Trucks are ensuring a smooth ride for the pro players. It is a well-built and extremely innovative style of truck that manages the toughest turn activities of wheels with a flexible approach of bearings and axle attached to it. This pro skateboard has the most convenient hangers for efficient stunt performance. The board is lined with 10-inches hangers that are exceptional for the longboard. Moreover, the truck consists of aluminum material that ensures longevity.

It protects the hangers, bearings, and even the interface of trucks from the devastating effect of corrosion during water skating activities. The insulating layer of aluminum protects the surface and increases the productivity of this, high-edge skateboarding truck. As far as the bushing activity is concerned, so the trucks’ bushing ensures smooth effectiveness in terms of it. Due to their activities, the wheels can take turns easily and precisely. Apart from all this, it is an overall nice product for usage not only by pro players but also by intermediates and beginners.

  • Especially reliable for cruising style
  • Tough turn activities
  • Provide stability
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Sturdy in action
  • Bushing and hardware issues

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks Lightweight

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks is one of the most economical and worthy options available for skateboard trucks. As it is extremely budget-friendly, so the users thought that the manufacturers compromise over the quality, but it is not true in any sense. From personal experience, the user and player get the idea that it is an extremely appreciatable pick by beginners as well as the pro-players. 

It is composed of aluminum composition which causes it to stand as the most durable choice of truck. Also, its silver sheet has a laminate layer upon it. Due to this layer, this cheap ad phenomenal skateboard truck can pass through all weather conditions with utter ease.

It is a well-built product; also available in different color ranf=ges that make the skating experience even more innovative and enchanting both for the players and audience. In addition to all this, it can easily be adjusted for the longboard interface and can be implemented for all kinds of skating styles. It has an efficient grip and holds the accessories together in the most strengthful way. Not only this, but it is also well-recommended and reviewed by the customer. The users have quite positive remarks regarding its high performance.

It is one of the most optimal picks to buy for the concise skating experience because the manufacturers try to convey something epic in terms of money and services also. Moreover, it includes various modifications that give a unique and mesmerizing look to your customized skateboard. With time, modifications are introduced for the fashion enhancements of the players.

Being adjustable ad lightweight the players do not hesitate to take risks with it. As it manages the wheel and axle movement with the high approach of bearings. So it tackles the twisting and flipping action most concisely. Far away, its use in longboards removes all the discussion regarding its broader utilization aspect. It is termed to be the most minimalist pick for beginners, intermediates, and as well as pro-players. This truck will facilitate the skating stunts for every player equally.

  • High quality built
  • Smooth and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Fits on the longboards also
  • none

Venture 5.0 Lo Polished

Venture 5.0 Lo Polished durable Trucks

Venture 5.0 Lo Polished Skateboard Trucks are the best option available for beginners. As it weighs extremely light and is easy to carry along. It is extremely reliable for both skating and cruising purposes. You can easily cruise on the floor and skate along with it on the ground without any hesitation. It is a quality product, fully guaranteed and ensured by the manufacturer for the sake of the player’s utter ease.

This manages the task in a way that the wheel and axle activities turn the way around with proper justification of stability and balance. It shows sturdy actions and maintains the game flow in a highly accurate manner. Most significantly, the Venture 5.0 Lo Polished Skateboard Trucks have a low bowed interface. They are termed to be operational as low-gaze trucks. This thing makes it even more popular in the skating market. This feature will make the truck an all-rounded approach for the beginner as well as for the pro players.

This provides more stability and an equilibrium position on the angle near the ground. During the stunt and action of skating as soon as the board touches’ or reach the ground, the skateboard will attain stability and conciseness easily. This is a competitive option in the market of skateboards and trucks. Along with its hanger, axle, and bearing activity, the Venture 5.0 Lo Polished Skateboard Trucks can easily beat any other option in a highly remarkable way in terms of competition.

There appears no exception in its task performance as it is worth its money and price. You will get a phenomenal approach to its feature and task through personal exposure to it. Once the user or player gets familiar with its basic tasking, the player can easily implement it in the professional activity because the low gaze activity always advantages the freestyle and street skating that occur most skating players in their daily routine.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to tackle
  • Affordable
  • Excellent performance
  • Might cause operational issues sometimes

CCS] Skateboard Trucks 

[CCS] Skateboard Trucks

[CCS] Skateboard Trucks activity is well-defined and well-investigated only by its usage. The more you skate, by binding your deck and wheels with these high-end trucks, the more you realize its significance in skating activity. [CCS] Skateboard Trucks are extremely lightweight and available in a versatile measure ratio. It is available in different sizes according to the size and style of the deck. The most trending sizes are 109mm, 129mm, 139mm, and 149mm. 

They all are adjusted most appropriately and finish up with smooth stunt actions that will be praised by the audience. Moreover, these skateboard trucks are extremely secure and provide powerful binding along the axle and wheels. So the turning and flipping activities can easily be performed by the skaters. These turns can even be monitored by the Premium High-quality rebound bushings. It will ensure the effectiveness of the turning stunts at any cost.

It contains all the quality components; including kingpins, hangers, and bearings. It comprises quick action and sturdy base plates. For the continence of users and players, the pack of the truck is lined with two sets. So in case of out of the working of one, others can replace them on a conditional basis. It is a perfect option available for all levels of skating activity. Also being lightweight the users’ approach gets more in demand for this product.

No doubt it is worthy for all levels of skating stunts, but then it stands tremendously for beginners’ utilization. As beginners require a confining job for the skating truck and deck, the bushings workings smoothly for the turn actions cause the early users to get over this product. Far away, it delivers meaningful output for the user’s demand so it sets a healthy and competitive approach for this Premium [CCS] Skateboard Trucks. This is the best and optimal option available for aesthetic skating players.

  • Customizable
  • Well-built
  • Custom logo design CCS
  • Classic appearance
  • Quality control hardware
  • No-slip kingpins

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50°

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° Fantastic Trucks

Caliber Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks are the recognition of their own. As the name shows; it stands best for the longboard activities. Seeking effectiveness from the axle and bearings approach, this high-end truck delivers ultimate performance with wheels. It incredibly kicks the bucket. First and foremost, it is extremely durable and lasts for an even longer tie than normal. Being durable and slip-resistant it can easily be operated in pool skating.

The surface of Caliber Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks, is laminated with silver polish that creates an insulation layer upon its interface thus, it gets protected from all kinds of damages that can be caused by water interaction or rusting. Thus, it works flawlessly for even more than an average time of two years. Along with all these factorial approaches, the Caliber manufacturer works day and night for making it an even more stable product for wheels working.

The innovative tactics and techniques that have been utilized in its manufacturing, pull it towards more strength and strong ability. Moreover, the truck can manage the weight of the player over the board in the most precise way. The bushing plays an important role in this task. As the rider gets over the skating board, the biding of the truck along with the wheels adjust themselves to attain stability. Thus, most of the unconcise actions of stuns are removed and the action got balanced by the player. Far away, it is the best accessory available for worthy, cruising, skating, and even also for the downhill movement of the riders.

  • Fine finishing
  • Smooth activity assurance
  • All-weather reliable
  • High-quality material
  • Stronger and durable
  • Cracked bushings

Best Skateboard Trucks Buying Guide

The ultimate purpose of buying guide is to help the reader to seek relevance regarding the products. This will help you to choose things on a virtual and significant basis. Choosing the Best skateboard Trucks will require a lot of factors to note. It includes; size measure, style, component performance, and many other belonging things. The important points that should keep the forefront while counting for the best Skateboard Trucks are given below;

Size Ratio

The most important thing to note at first for any truck choice is its size and measure ratio. If it does not fits your skating board then, the whole of the skating action will face malfunctioning in all aspects. Look for the one truck that has the optimal length and width size.

As far as its, width is concerned, so try to select the width of the truck according to the width of your wheel’s axle. One more thing is that the width should not be wider than the width of the deck also.

This will cause the balance to be disturbed and create a hustle struggle causing elements for the players. Even due to this wrong choice of factor; the player might face wheel bite issues.

So the most convenient way to choose the right truck size is to compare it with the deck size before, and then select the appropriate size according to that. A size chart for a few credentials is given next;

Other accessories

The truck choice also depends upon the working and quality of other belonging accessories. So before taking any decision regarding trucks and choosing any of the products, just go through the usage and working of other parts also. The parts include; an axle, hanger, baseplate, pivot, kingship, bushings or kingship nuts, etc.

All of these things are directly or indirectly related to binding the wheels at their place along with holding the deck on the upper side of the board in a highly supportive way.


Usually, the trucks hold two different types for the operational activity of skating. Both of them holds different featured approach; Standard Kingpin and Reverse Kingpin.

 Standard kingship advantages all kinds of skating activities. These are highly adjustable and managed most comprehensively. These kingship trucks can easily be tightened and loosened according to the skating stunts. Hence it stands best for freestyle, park, pool, and street skating.

Whereas, Reverse Kingship trucks are perfectly reliable for mountain climbing actions and downhill movements. As it is generally wider and more powerful in action so it is extremely worthy for carving and cruising. They are strong enough to stand with high-end activities.

So choose the truck’s kingship according to working and adventure demands.


What is the basic working of Skateboarding Trucks?

Skateboarding Trucks have a significant place in boarding accessories. Mainly it operates the wheel angle and confines them to the rolling action. They are attached to the underside of the board in a way that causes the wheel and axle to turn and perform flip-and-turn stunts of skating. It causes the board to perform turning actions.

What size of the truck should be chosen?

The size of it truck is very important for smooth and uninterrupted skating activities. Generally, the size of trucks is directly proportional to the size of the deck. So decision regarding the truck’s size, pull the buyer to know the deck’s detail first. Normally, a 5-inches truck considers being worthy of the 7.75-inches deck and vice versa.

Does the Low and Hight truck make any difference?

The size of trucks is considerable for the skateboard. If the user is customizing the board with high wheels, it requires a high truck for efficient and reliable working. But on a common basis tech skating is preferred and managed by the pro players. And tech skating stands best with the small wheels and low trucks. Both of them are highly functional for ledge grinds. So both often trucks are important regarding specific concerns.

What is the average span of the truck’ working?

A truck’s life span depends upon the quality and its implementation in skating activities. If the players went with harsh and long hour skating, then replace them as soon as you saw tears and wear upon it. Otherwise, it might cause something unfortunate. But generally, good quality trucks can easily end for two to four years or more.

What are the normal aspects to choose the Truck for custom boards?

Choosing the truck requires a lot of factors to be looked upon, but taking it in general; Try to choose a truck with high-quality parts including; kingship, axles, hangers, etc. because they control the activity on the whole. moreover, try to select an adjustable size of the truck with that of the board deck. The truck profile is also very important to note, so manage the low, mid, and high truck ratio according to the wheels attached.

Final Verdict

Skateboard Trucks being the basic component of the board, has vital significance overall. Try to choose a truck with special and lightweight materials like titanium alloys, etc. being lightweight, it can deliver more efficient and sturdy action by the right assemblage of the wheels and bearings. Along with the material, all the belonging parts of the trucks; like kingship, axle, bushings, hangers, etc. are also monitored and try to end up with high quality at the buyer’s end. No doubt, the choice decision is not that easy, but we hope that the whole content helps you to make a wise decision!

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